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Industrial Management Technology Diplomas and Certificates

Industrial Management Technology offers a variety of Certificate and Diploma options.  Please see the list below for more information, including the classes required for each Certificate or Diploma. Career and Technical (high school) certificates are found on “High School Options” page.

Bio-Management Practices – C5026002

BPM-110  Bioprocess Practices
ISC-112   Industrial Safety
ISC-132   Mfg Quality Control
ISC-135   Principles of Industrial Mgmt
EGR-120  Eng and Design Graphics
PTC-110  Industrial Environment

Principles of Lean Manufacturing – C5026001

ISC-135  Principles of Industrial Mgmt
ISC-136  Productivity Analysis I
ISC-140  Detailed Sched./Planning
ISC-233  Industrial Org & Mgmt

Principles of Supplier Quality – C5026003

BPR-111  Print Reading
BUS-153  Human Resources Mgmt
ISC-131  Quality Mgmt
ISC-221  Statistical Qual Control
MEC-161  Manufacturing Processes I

Problem Solving – C5026004

ISC-132  Manufacturing
ISC-135  Principles of Industrial Mgmt
ISC-136  Productivity Analysis I
ISC-112 or 121  Industrial Safety or Envir Health & Safety
ISC-170  Problem Solving Skills

Industrial Management Technology Certificates