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Example of completed house being sold by Pitt Community College

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Auction of 3 Houses and 2 Storage Sheds
Saturday, November 4, 2023 beginning at 10 a.m. on the PCC Campus

Every year, students enrolled in Building Construction Technology, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, and Electrical Systems Technology team up to build two houses as part of their job-site training toward completing their degrees. They construct the three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes under the guidance and supervision of our experienced, licensed instructors. Students gain practical experience in electrical, HVAC, job site troubleshooting, safe tool handling, critical thinking, and time management.

From start to finish, the project spans three semesters. The first semester focuses on the structure, the second semester is on interior and exterior finishes, and the final semester includes trim, kitchen, and bath installation. During the fall semester, the completed homes are auctioned to the public to fund the following year’s house-build project. View the video tour at the bottom of this page.

House Auction Information

General Info

These houses are sold through auction only per the NC State requirements regarding on-campus projects. Auction participants do not have to pre-register to bid on a home. The homes are sold by public auction, and the houses are sold as is. All of our auctions are on location at the houses.

Project Site: 9339 Dr. Fulford Rd, Winterville, NC

For the Buyer

  • 10% of the highest bid is due at the close of the auction by the buyer (personal checks accepted)
  • The remaining balance is due at closing upon approval of the Pitt Community College Board of Trustees. (Certified checks only at closing)
  • Closing is scheduled with the buyer through the Vice President of Campus Operations, typically about 30 – 45 days after the auction.
  • The home must be moved by the buyer to a private lot that meets setback requirements for the jurisdiction it is in.
  • If available, extra siding for repairs will be provided.
  • If available, extra paint will be provided.
  • If available, extra shingles will be provided.
  • The house has been inspected by the town of Winterville.
  • The house is constructed to 2018 IBC Standards.
  • The house is built to meet 110 mph wind zone requirements
  • PCC has pressure tested all water supply lines and drain lines.
  • PCC has tested and disconnected the HVAC system.
  • PCC has tested all electrical fixtures.

Provided at Closing

  • Three printed sets of plans
  • A set of keys
  • A copy of the inspection report from the Town of Winterville Inspections Office
  • A list of house movers

Buyer’s Responsibilities

  • Purchase of a private lot (which meets setback requirements and any covenants for the area)
  • Obtain quotes from house movers to the desired location.
  • Footings, masonry foundation, and tie-downs (plans provided for foundation)
  • Plumbing tie-in for septic or city sewer
  • Electrical, exterior meter box and tie-in to the municipal grid
  • Hookup of the provided 13 SEER 2-ton HVAC unit.
  • Purchase of refrigerator, washer, and dryer
  • Porch and stairs to the front side and rear entrance of the dwelling

For more information, call (252) 493-7522.

Video Tour