Automotive Systems Technology Course Schedules and Descriptions

The Automotive Systems Technology department has devised a schedule that works best for those students interested in completing their degree within the two year academic period. This schedule is only a suggested schedule and some variations may be needed depending on a particular student’s entry date, transfer credits, placement test scores, and other factors.

Students should always consult with their advisor regarding their course selections and schedules.

Download a Detailed Curriculum Checklist

Download a Detail Curriculum Checklist for our new Light Duty Diesel Program

Course Descriptions

Detailed course descriptions for individual courses, including contact and credit hour information, can be found by accessing the course section database.

To use the course section database, simply enter the term you would like to search within, and then under Subjects, select the course prefix.  You can then enter the course number to refine your search.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.  There are other options on the page to help refine your search, but usually simply selecting the term, course prefix, and course number is all that is necessary.  Contact your advisor with any questions.

Course Catalog

The PCC General Catalog can be found online by clicking here.  It contains further information regarding Pitt Community College, curriculum program details, course descriptions, and much, much more.  Past catalogs can also be downloaded for reference.