Construction and Industrial Technology Division (CIT)

The CIT Division includes a wide variety of dynamic career fields. There are 12 associate degree programs ranging from Engineering Technologies and Welding to Horticulture Technology. We also offer short-term training options in Skilled Trades.

Pitt Community College: Your Gateway to a Rewarding Career in Construction and Industrial Technology

The Construction and Industrial Technology Division of Pitt Community College offers a wide variety of dynamic career fields for both students and working professionals. We offer more than 12 degrees, 13 diplomas, 40 certificates and 20 continuing education opportunities. Programs include:

With options in four major areas — Engineering Technology, Construction Technology, Industrial Technology, and Transportation Technology — you will find a program that fits within your educational goals.

Here at Pitt Community College, we strive for top-level instructors with years of professional experience in their respective fields. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you reach your potential, and our state-of-the-art labs and facilities ensure that our graduates are prepared not only for today but for their future.

Join the in-demand fields of construction and industrial technology

The industrial technology and construction technology fields are growing rapidly, and careers in these sectors offer exciting opportunities and good salaries.

As long as there is a need for construction, machining, electricity, air conditioning, automobiles, and other career paths offered in construction technology and industrial technology, there will be a demand for the skills and knowledge offered in the CIT Division.

Why Choose Pitt Community College for Construction and Industrial Technology?

The associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates in the Division of Construction and Industrial Technology combine classroom study and hands-on training to prepare you for a rewarding career. We help you develop rational critical thinking skills and give you a broad technical knowledge to ensure success. Program laboratories have state-of-the-art equipment, computers, and software.

Among our programs are numerous day/evening opportunities for diploma or certificate options, so that you can attend classes around your already busy schedule.

Our faculty are highly qualified and experienced in their fields, with at least five years of experience in their discipline. They have been nominated for excellence in teaching awards; participated in local, regional and state leadership training; presented at national conferences; and played instrumental roles in the college’s total quality improvement initiative.

Finally, we offer several scholarships for students in our Construction and Industrial Technology Division. Funds are available for those studying automotive, building construction, electrical systems, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration, and more.

Career Opportunities for Construction and Industrial Technology Graduates

Potential employers and industries are a vital part of our programs and have a tremendous amount of input into our curricula. Because of our relationships with relevant industries, you can rest assured that the things you are learning in the classroom will be relevant on the job and to your future.

Sample Careers for CIT Graduates

We also hold job fairs and workshops on campus to help students find potential employers. The options are nearly limitless when you study Industrial and Construction Technology at Pitt Community College — just a few options include:

“Joining the welding department truly brought so many blessings to me and my future. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to a new school in a new city. The faculty and staff are incredibly talented and so supportive of their students and our success. I am grateful for my PCC family and all their dedication that directly led to employment in the welding field.”

Lauren Ballentine

Class of 2022

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