Simulation and Game Development

The Simulation and Game Development curriculum provides a broad background in simulation and game development with practical applications in creative arts, visual arts, audio/video technology, creative writing, modeling, design, programming, and management.

Students receive hands-on training using industry-standard software to create simulations and games for a variety of platforms. Upon completion students will be prepared to build high-quality 3D and 2D games.

Graduates should qualify for entry-level positions in industry, education, service organizations, government agencies, or work as a freelance game designer or game developer.

For more information, contact Tim Bivans, Instructional Coordinator, at 252-493-7336 or tbivans@email.pittcc.edu.

Level Designer
Game Artist
Game Programmer
Quality Assurance

C# Programming
Swift Programming
Video Game Development
Video Game Design
Video Game Art
Project Management

Level Design
Software Engineering
Mobile App Development
3D Modeling and Texturing
Project Management