General Business Administration

The Business Administration: General Business Administration curriculum is designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system. Students will be provided with a fundamental knowledge of business functions, processes, and an understanding of business organizations in today’s global economy.

The curriculum develops competencies in the applications of management principles. Emphasis is placed on skill development in the areas of management functions, computer applications and analysis, critical thinking and decision-making techniques, marketing, finance, legal aspects of business, oral and written communications, and the utilization of human resources. Through the development of management competencies, the graduate will be able to function as a contributing member of the management team.

General Business Administration is a track under the curriculum title of Business Administration. The curriculum is designed to meet the demands of business and industry. The objective is to prepare students for entry-level positions in management and management teams.

For more information, contact Daniel Rhem, Instructional Coordinator, at 252-493-7372 or derhem766@my.pittcc.edu.

Government Agencies
Financial Institutions
Large to Small Businesses

Introduction to Business
Principles of Management
Integrated Management
Introduction to Computers
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Managerial Accounting
Business Math
Business Finance
Business Ethics
Statistical Analysis
Principles of Marketing
Human Resources Mgmt.
People Skills

Students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamental business concepts as they apply to today’s business industry.
Students will be able to make critical managerial decisions based upon the situations that arise in operating competitive business enterprises in today’s economy.
Students will understand the principles of economics and how individuals, businesses, and industries make effective decisions in today’s market economy.
Students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the business decision-making accounting information systems.
Students will be able to provide an overview of the global economy and the basic differences involved in international business.