Business Division

Vision Statement: The Business Division is dedicated to providing leadership for a system that yields the best-educated and trained individuals within the citizenry of Pitt Community College and the world.

Mission Statement

To take a leadership role in the design, development and implementation of educationally related programs and processes that lead to a continuous improvement in the quality of life for all stakeholders within the Pitt Community College sphere of influence.

We will do this by:

  • Setting goals and standards of excellence
  • Providing educational opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Building partnerships (alliances) with business and industry
  • Being persistent in the pursuance of our goals and objectives
  • Being responsive
  • Instilling only high moral and intellectual standards
  • Being a community of people who respect and care for their professional associates as well as constituents
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Understanding that no boundaries exist
  • Tracking the status of our efforts
  • Being held accountable for our actions
  • And by enabling all those that attend the chance to achieve their desired outcomes

Business Division Goals

1. Student Success/Achievement

The Business Division will engage in activities that will enable all constituents to achieve desired performance standards to meet workplace, community, and societal expectations.

2. Access

As a result of a revised commitment to accountability, the Business Division will engage in activities to provide access to the constituents of the service area of Pitt Community College and beyond its borders to meet the increase in the diversity of students and the challenges commensurate with providing quality education and training.

3. Teaching and Learning

The Business Division will consistently emphasize quality and diverse instruction via curricular and instructional practices that teach basic, analytical and creative thinking, communications, problem solving, and applied skills and competencies commensurate with individual needs as well as business and industry alliances.

4. Partnerships

The Business Division will engage in the forming of relationships and subsequent management of partnerships with external agencies or entities commensurate with its overall mission. These partnerships will enable the Division to continue meeting the academic and training needs of its constituents by providing real work experiences relevant to skill sets and competencies needed in the workplace.

Academic Programs