UNCW Pathways to Excellence

Pathways to Excellence

We have a New Partnership with the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)!! The Partnership entitles Pathways to Excellence is designed only for student who graduate with an AA, AS or AE degree from PCC with a GPA of a 2.5. The following Benefits to PCC student are below:

  • Guaranteed Admission to UNCW
  • An UNCW Transfer Student Success Coordinator while at PCC
  • Waived Application Fee
  • Open House Event
  • Completion of the University Studies Foundation Courses under the CAA provisions

To participate in the program, students should complete a digital intent form. It is encouraged students apply for the program in their first and second semester at PCC.

Further Information:




Contact Emilee Farnes at farnese@uncw.edu or 910-622-1345.