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Introducing Micro-Scholarships
for Community College Students

A new way to pay for college and ensure transfer success

On RaiseMe, community college students can connect and engage with four-year colleges from the start of their transfer journey, earn performance-based scholarships from four-year colleges for individual achievements in community college, and see what steps to take in order to efficiently and successfully transfer to their college of choice while staying on track to complete their Associate’s degrees.

Learn How RaiseMe Works

Discover Universities

Discover and “Follow” colleges on RaiseMe that are the best fit and match for transfer based on cost, location, major, and more.

Earn Micro-Scholarships for Achievements

Add achievements, like getting an A or B in a core course, or working a part-time job, into your RaiseMe Portfolio as you progress through community college. For each achievement, you’ll earn a micro-scholarship from the colleges you’re following.

Track Your Progress and Maximize Your Earnings

Track your progress towards transfer eligibility as you earn new micro-scholarships from four-year colleges with each new achievement during community college.

Redeem Micro-Scholarships when you Transfer

The total amount of micro-scholarships that you earn from the university you apply and are accepted to represents the minimum amount of financial aid you will receive when you transfer.

Get started on your transfer journey today: