Courses Without Prereqs

Associate in Arts, Science, or Engineering

ACA 122 College Transfer Success

ART 111 Art Appreciation

ART 114 Art History Survey I

ART 115 Art History Survey II

ASL 111 Elementary American Sign Language I

BUS 115 Business Law I

COM 110 Introduction to Communication

COM 120 Interpersonal Communication

COM 140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication

COM 231 Public Speaking

DRA 111 Theatre Appreciation

DRA 112 Literature of the Theatre

FRE 111 Elementary French I

HEA 110 Personal Health/Wellness

HUM 110 Technology & Society

HUM 130 Myth in Human Culture

HUM 140 History of Architecture

HUM 160 Introduction to Film

MUS 110 Music Appreciation

MUS 112 Introduction to Jazz

MUS 113 American Music

MUS 210 History of Rock Music

PED 110 Fit & Well for Life

SOC 213 Sociology of the Family

SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I