University Transfer Programs

Easy Path to Your Bachelor’s Degree: Transfer Your Associate’s Degree Credits

There are many reasons to start your college education at a two-year college, such as exploring career options and building an academic foundation.

Pitt Community College offers University Transfer Programs for Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Engineering degrees. All our programs are designed to meet all general requirements applicable to four-year degrees. Plus, our academic advisors work closely with you to ensure you select the right courses to meet your transfer goals.

Earning an associate’s degree at PCC helps you save money. Equally as important, it allows you to tailor courses to the four-year degree of your choice.

Three popular associate degrees eligible for transfer

Associate in

Includes majors in English, humanities, social science, and communication

Associate In Engineering

Covers Mechanical, Electrical, and Biomedical

Associate In Science

Includes math and science majors such as biology, chemistry, and physics


If you have other interests, pitt also offers additional transferrable degrees:

Associate In Arts/Science In Teacher Preparation​

Prepares you for careers in K-12 educational settings

Associate In
Fine Arts

Includes music and visual arts

Associate In
Applied Science

Biotechnology – meeting the increasing demand for skilled lab technicians and an ever-growing field

Why Choose Pitt Community College for Your Associate Degree?

There are many benefits to choosing PCC to earn your Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree:

Highly skilled faculty —All faculty members of transfer programs hold a master’s degree. Many teach the same courses concurrently at four-year universities.

State-of-the-art facilities — All science courses are taught with hands-on experience in superior lab facilities.

Value and affordability — As a PCC student, you’ll receive the same quality education at a fraction of the cost. Currently, our tuition is only $76 per credit hour.

Flexibility — All courses are offered in traditional, online, blended, and hybrid/hyflex formats.

Length of program — The average time to complete your Associate in Arts transfer degree or your Associate in Science transfer degree is two years, but if you attend a summer session you can earn your AA or AS in just 18 months.

Convenient location — In-person courses are offered at our Farmville campus and at local high schools. Our campus is located within an hour and a half of multiple universities, including Central, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and East Carolina University (ECU).

Small class size — Small class sizes, including labs, range between 16 and 21 students, which means you’ll get individual attention and hands-on access.

Personal career advising — At PCC, we follow the course requirements dictated by the transfer university you have selected.

Transfer applicable to your specific university — PCC’s Associate in Arts transfer degree and Associate in Science transfer degree support all majors at all state institutions, as well as private schools. You’ll follow a plan that fulfills the prerequisites outlined by the transfer university.

If you choose to earn your Associate of Applied Science, Associate in Art/Science Teacher Preparation, or Associate Degree in Engineering, PCC also has agreements with colleges such as Fayetteville State, Elizabeth City State, ECU, and A&T.

Career Opportunities for Transferring Your Associate Degree

The majority of PCC students — 86 percent — who graduate with their Associate in Art, Associate in Science, Associate Degree in Engineering, or any of our specialty programs, continue their higher education.

According to a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report:

  • The median weekly earnings for someone with a high school diploma is $853.
  • The median with an associate’s degree is $1,005.
  • With a bachelor’s degree, your earnings could increase by 42 percent to $1,432.
  • The median weekly earning for advanced degrees such as a master’s is even greater, at $1,661.

But the statistics don’t tell the whole story.

Your associate degree is the first step in achieving your career goals. Transferring your degree to earn your bachelor’s opens the door to roles in information technology, marketing, finance, public relations, and human resources.

Your Associate of Applied Science degree emphasizes biology, chemistry, math, and technical communications. A Pitt AAS degree prepares you to serve as a research assistant, laboratory/instrumentation technician, or quality control/assurance tech.

All PCC’s associate degrees bridge seamlessly to a four-year bachelor’s program.

“PCC set the foundation for [my] future educational success at ECU.”

John Carrere

Director of Recruitment and First Year Experience
Associate in Arts Degree, 2005

“Pitt Community College gave me — an older, first-generation [American] student — a chance to change my life. The small class sizes and caring instructors helped me thrive and excel.”

Happy Gingras

Senior Director of Teaching & Learning
Transferred University Transfer Courses

Transfer Degree Courses

Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate Degree in Engineering

Courses of study to earn your Associate in Arts transfer degree or Associate in Science transfer degree include foreign languages, social sciences, and humanities.

You’ll complete all general requirements to earn your AA, AS, or AE, so some courses overlap between the degrees. These include:

  • Writing and Inquiry
  • Critical Thinking
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Geology
  • Sociology of the Family
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Differential Equations

Associate of Applied Science Degree

In addition to general course requirements, you’ll take degree-specific courses to earn your AAS, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Bioprocess Techniques
  • Cell Culture
  • Organic and Biochemistry

Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Teacher Preparation

Major courses of study relevant to your teacher preparation degree include:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Educational Technology

Associate in Fine Arts

If you choose to focus your associate degree in music or visual arts, you’ll take courses such as:

  • Art History
  • Drawing
  • Music Theory
  • Class Piano, Guitar, and Voice

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Articulation Agreements

North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA)

Students who complete a transfer degree with a C or better in all courses are provided the following guarantees by the state of North Carolina:

  1. Acceptance into one of the UNC schools
  2. Acceptance with Junior status
  3. Fulfillment of all of the undergraduate General Educations requirements
  4. Fulfillment of pre-requisite courses for the baccalaureate major

* Students will still have to fulfill the school’s graduation requirements, such as Foreign Language and Health. Students applying for competitive programs are not guaranteed acceptance into the program.

North Carolina Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (ICAA)

Many NC private schools have signed the ICAA, which allows students the same guarantees as the UNC Public School System.

For questions about the AA, AS, or AE programs or transferring to a four-year institution, contact us at:

Student Success Center
Reddrick Building (RR), Room 228
Phone: (252) 493-7709
Email: pccut@my.pittcc.edu

A University Transfer Success Story

Meet John Carrere, Director of the Office of Recruitment and a true PCC University Transfer success story. John’s journey at PCC and beyond is an inspiring example of the possibilities and opportunities available to PCC transfer students.

MY PCC STORY | John Carrere | Director, Office of Recruitment