Social Sciences

PCC’s Social Sciences Department consists of disciplines focused on the the scientific study of human society and social relationships. Our goal is to help students grow academically, professionally, and personally by introducing the academic study of how humans think (psychology), how they live (sociology, health, and physical education), and how they have acted (history). It’s a fascinating set of disciplines focused specifically on the study of human behavior. Our goal, however, is more than just academic study. We strive to prepare students for a wide variety of careers, continued academic pursuits, and to encourage personal and intellectual growth.

The department is located on the second floor of the Reddrick Building.

Department Chair: Sadie Oates

Phone: 252-493-7413 • Office: Reddrick 218 • Email:

Social Sciences Coordinator: Anthony Dunn

Phone: 252-493-7515 • Office: Reddrick 219 • Email:

Social Sciences Personnel