Social Sciences Department

PCC’s Social Sciences Department includes a fascinating set of disciplines focused on the scientific study of human behavior, society, and social relationships. We are a team of educational professionals dedicated to helping students to grow academically, professionally, and personally. We introduce students to the academic study of how humans think and feel (psychology), how they live (sociology, health, and physical education), and how we function as a society (history and political science) through equitable and engaging learning experiences. Our goal, however, goes beyond academic study with a focus on preparing students for a wide variety of careers and academic pursuits, as well as encouraging personal and intellectual growth.

The department is located on the second floor of the Reddrick Building.


Patricia Adams, Department Chair
Office: Raymond Reddrick Building (RR), Room 218
Phone: 252-493-7413
Email: pgadams428@my.pittcc.edu

Anthony Dunn, Social Sciences Coordinator
Office: Raymond Reddrick Building (RR), Room 219
Phone: 252-493-7515
Email: ajdunn709@my.pittcc.edu

Social Sciences Personnel