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Foreign Language Placement Testing

  • The Foreign Language Placement Test is available for current PCC students as well as prospective students.  The following individuals are eligible to take the tests.
    • Students who have successfully completed a high school foreign language course (in the target language) may take the test.
    •  Students who are heritage speakers or who identify with and routinely communicate in the target language may take the test.
    • Students who have taken a college-level foreign language course are NOT eligible to take the test.
  • The procedure for taking the Foreign Language Placement Test are found in the Foreign Language Placement Testing Policies.
  • A Flow Chart shows how a student might progress once the results of the placement test are known.
  • Students do not earn academic credit for the courses that they place out of until after successful completion of the course into which they placed.  
  • Current PCC students who wish to earn academic credit for foreign language courses which they are not enrolled in must complete a Credit by Exam. See the PCC Catalog for policy and procedure. Contact the Foreign Language Department with questions at (252)493-7709.