Reedy Branch Review (RBR)

About RBR

RBR is an online literary journal sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Division and the English and Humanities Department at Pitt Community College. Its goal is to publish writing that represents a broad range of perspectives and to include the voices of a diverse group of writers.

RBR Submissions

RBR is especially interested in publishing the work of PCC students, faculty, and staff, but also encourages submissions from writers associated with other community colleges and from anyone who supports the mission of America’s community colleges.

Please check back in August for updated submission information and guidelines.

RBR 2022

RBR 2022 includes the work of a broad and diverse range of writers and artists, including Pitt Community College students, former students, PCC faculty and staff, and other writers who support the mission of America’s community colleges. Click HERE to view the PDF file of the current issue.

Reedy Branch Review publication cover

To submit work for the next Reedy Branch Review, click on the Submissions button above to read the submission categories and guidelines.

What RBR Publishes

Reedy Branch Review strives to publish high quality, original poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction written in English. Work less commonly found in literary journals, such as graphic narrative, short plays, and experimental writing is also considered for publication. A limited amount of artwork is included in each issue, gracing the cover and appearing between pieces within the journal.

Editorial Staff

Daniel V. Stanford, PCC Composition Coordinator
Editor and Poetry Editor

Scott Temple, PCC English Instructor
Assistant Editor and Creative Nonfiction Editor

Christine Bates, PCC English Instructor
Assistant Editor and Fiction Editor


Dr. Stephanie Rook, Dean of the Arts and Sciences Division
Josh Matthews, English & Humanities Department Chair


Sasha Sullivan, Office Assistant