Jim Metzger


Office: AB Whitley, Room 206
Phone: (252) 493-7748
e-mail: jametzger540@my.pittcc.edu

Chronic Illness, Disability, & Healing in the Biblical Writings
Theories of Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Ethics of Belief
Philosophy of Pain
Elective Death (Euthanasia & Suicide)

REL 110 World Religions
HUM 115 Critical Thinking
PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics

B.A., UNC – Chapel Hill
M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
M.T.S., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
M.A., East Carolina University (English)
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (Religious Studies)

Faculty Advisor: PCC Philosophy Club
Assistant Editor: The Reedy Branch Review
University Transfer Advising
Way to Success Coach

PUBLICATIONS (selected):
Academic Articles, Book(s), Essays, & Reviews

“Voluntary Active Euthanasia and the Lukan Jesus.” In Luke-Acts: Texts @ Contexts, ed. James P. Grimshaw. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, forthcoming Fall, 2016.

“Humanism, Illness, and Elective Death: A Case Study in Utilitarian Ethics.” Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, forthcoming Fall, 2016.

“Is It Wrong to Accept God’s Gift of Salvation?” Free Inquiry 36.2 (2016): 25-28.

“Taking Paul Seriously.” Scriptura 113 (2014): 1-13.

“Three Reasons Why Atheists Should Be More Charitable.” Beliefnet (November 26, 2014).  Online @: http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Articles/3-Reasons-Why-Atheists-Should-Be-More-Charitable.aspx.

“Why Justices Kagan and Breyer Didn’t Go Far Enough.”  The Humanist (July/August, 2014): 6-7.

“Why I Am Not A Progressive Christian.”  Free Inquiry 34.5 (2014): 35-37.

“Can Liberal Christians Save the Church?  A Humanist Approach to Contemporary Progressive Christian Theologies.Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism 21.2 (2013): 19-46.

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Book Review: Henry Ansgar Kelly, Satan: A Biography. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006. Review of Biblical Literature (4/2009). Online: http://www.bookreviews.org/pdf/5590_7276.pdf.

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Book Review: Catherine M. Murphy, John the Baptist: Prophet of Purity for a New Age. Interfaces Series. Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 2003. Review of Biblical Literature 6 (2004): 399-402.

Creative Writing & Op-Eds

“‘Honoring ancestors’ with flags, monuments needs specificity.” The Daily Reflector (July 30, 2015): A6. (Note: The title was provided by the editor.)

“Dying well, knowing the costs.” Raleigh News & Observer (June 15, 2013): 13A. (Note: The title was provided by the editor.)

The Tub & Other Strange Tales. Scotts Valley: Red Salamander, 2013.

“Believing in Belief.” Aries: A Journal of Art and Literature 27 (2013): 11-13.

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