Degree and Curriculum Information

Students who complete all of the program requirements will earn an AAS degree (Associate in Applied Science). This will require approximately five semesters of full-time study. Additional time may be needed for students attending part-time or those who need additional time to achieve minimum requirements in English, math or science.

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Biotech Curriculum 2020

Please note, there are essentially two distinct “career pathways” within the program.  One is a ‘lab analyst/pharmaceutical lab technician’ pathway for students interested in working in the quality control labs associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing. The other is a ‘Research lab/Forensic lab/University Transfer’ pathway for students interested in working in a research, forensics, or other lab environment that requires a BS degree (or higher).

Pitt Community College has Bilateral Agreements with ECU for two programs (BS Biology and BS Industrial Technology/Bioprocess Manufacturing Concentration) and the UNC Pembroke (BS in Biotechnology).

BioWork Certificate Program