Arts and Sciences Division

The Arts and Sciences Division embraces six departments with 80 full-time faculty and over 90 part-time faculty.

The Arts & Sciences Division is PCC’s largest division, covering virtually all of the general education courses plus:

  • University Transfer Programs (Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Engineering)
  • One Technical Department (Biotechnology)

Arts & Sciences personnel have:

  • Been nominated for excellence in teaching awards
  • Participated in local, regional, and state leadership training
  • Written textbooks
  • Developed multimedia tools for commercial use
  • Supervised statewide curriculum improvement projects

Mission Statement

To educate and empower students in University Transfer and Biotechnology programs and students in general education courses for success . . .

  • In life
  • In higher education
  • In the workforce
  • In a global economy

This mission will be achieved by . . .

  • Encouraging lifelong learning
  • Establishing positive learning environments
  • Ensuring academic excellence
  • Enhancing economic development and quality of life and
  • Emphasizing multicultural experiences