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The Soft Skill program is housed under the Office of Teaching and Learning. Soft Skills are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. The program serves students who are in need of learning Soft Skills necessary for college classroom success and future employment. The program, partnered with the Business Division to serve as a resource tool and support service, is devoted to serving PCC Career and Technical Education students in an inclusive environment.   The program also develops and cultivates positive relationships between PCC faculty, staff, and the local community.


The mission of the Soft Skills program is to educate and train students about the importance of the required set of behaviors and personality traits in conjunction with their technical skills to be well prepared for the classroom and empowered for career success.


  • Expose students to the subject matter Soft Skills
  • Demonstrate to students how Soft Skills are used and applied in the classroom
  • Prepare students for what employers are expecting in the 21st century work force
  • Improve self-awareness to students
  • Bridge the Soft Skills gap

Contact Info:

Laurel Little
Soft Skill Coach
Vernon White, Room 165

Happy Gingras
Director of Teaching & Learning

Email: pccsoftskills@email.pittcc.edu OR pccsoftskills@my.pittcc.edu