Cyber Security Resources

Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Responsibility

OITS technical team works to protect the sensitive information of PCC students, faculty and staff. You play a role in protecting your information. Review the resources below.

Cybersecurity Tips

  • Do not share sensitive data, and do not share passwords.
  • Do not open email attachments, or click on links, from sources you do not trust.
  • Back up your devices regularly.
  • Keep your browser and operating software up to date.
  • Longer passwords are stronger passwords. We recommend 12 or more characters with all types of character that are permitted (special characters, numbers and capitalized letters). 
  • Use MFA (multi-factor authentication), to alert your phone via phone call or text messaged for all of your online accounts. Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud all offer multi-factor authentication. 
  • Be smart with your smartphone. Enable secure access and have a password, pattern or biometrics (Face ID or fingerprint) to unlock your screen.
  • Report phishing emails in Outlook, then delete and mark as junk/spam.