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Strategic Planning



Strategic planning at Pitt Community College (PCC) is a dynamic, collaborative, and continuous process that sets the future direction for the college. The plan is composed of college’s mission, values, and goals. Strategic planning helps ensure the long-term viability of our institution and the effective and efficient use of public resources. The institutional values and goals listed below were developed via campus input, literature review, and a thorough environmental scan.

Strategic Planning

  1. Focuses on what the college as a whole will do to position for the future;
  2. Addresses large-scale issues affecting the college;
  3. Relies on input from internal and external environments; and
  4. Provides direction for operational activities throughout the college.

Mission Statement

Pitt Community College educates and empowers people for success. With a culture of excellence and innovation, the college is a vital partner in the economic and workforce development of our community. PCC provides access to dynamic learning opportunities designed to foster successful career preparation, higher education transfer, community involvement, and global engagement.

Institutional Values

  1. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We will provide an equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning and working environment. The college operates with an open door mission to help meet these ends.

  1. Teaching and Service Innovation

We will research, adopt, and implement innovative tools, teaching and service methods, and technology solutions to support students, faculty, and staff. 

  1. Institutional Integrity

We will operate with integrity in all matters.

Institutional Goals

  1. Student Success

Pitt Community College will provide resources and support to cultivate the skills and knowledge needed to achieve academic and personal success.

  1. Workforce Development

Pitt Community College will create a job-ready competitive workforce by working with business and industry to expand current programming.

  1. Student and Community Engagement

Pitt Community College will expand engagement opportunities and services to all sectors of our community.