Research Approval and Review

The Research Approval and Review Board reviews and approves all research requests involving human participants at Pitt Community College. The Board serves to ensure requested research activity complies with college policies, meets commonly accepted ethical standards, and to protect research participants


The composition of the review board is dependent on the research to be conducted but will consist of at least three members: academic subject area representative (i.e., Arts and Sciences, Business, Construction/Industrial Technology, Health Sciences, Public Service/Fine Arts), a research subject area representative (i.e., Assistant Vice President of Student Support or other student services representative, Faculty Senate Representative), and the review board chair.

Federal regulations (The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 45, Part 46) require that grant applications for most federally supported human subjects research be reviewed and approved by a recognized institutional review board. The review board will formally document that research occurring with students, faculty, and staff abides by regulatory requirements and generally follows accepted methods of assuring the protection of human research participants. Additionally, the review board makes Pitt Community College initiated research eligible for federal grants.

While the mission of Pitt Community College is not that of a research institution, an increasing amount of research is being conducted, including analyses of student success; reviews of teaching strategies by methods; specialized student satisfaction and engagement reviews; and various student completion and outcomes studies.

Submit Research Proposal

Please use the link below to submit a research proposal to the Pitt Community College Research Approval and Review Board. Please be aware that all costs associated with the dissemination of a research project to potential research subjects are the responsibility of the researcher. Please allow two weeks for the approval process.

Research Proposal PDF

Submit your research application along with any additional documents to Brian Miller, Vice President of Planning and Research, at bpmiller112@my.pittcc.edu