Planning & Research Contacts

Campus Location: Vernon White Building (VEW), Room 116

Dr. Brian Miller
Vice President, Planning and Research
Phone: (252) 493-7421
Email: bpmiller112@my.pittcc.edu

Anna Jones
Assistant Vice President, Planning and Research
Phone: (252) 493-7530
Email: aejones870@my.pittcc.edu

Andrea Stamper
Director, Quality Enhancement Plan and Assessment
Phone: (252) 493-7296
Email: alstamper153@my.pittcc.edu

Dr. Stephannie Seaton
Coordinator, Institutional Research
Phone: (252) 493-7822
Email: swseaton109@my.pittcc.edu

Jennifer G. Joyner
Coordinator, Institutional Survey Research
Phone: (252) 493-7384

Wallace Winborne
Administrative Assistant III
Phone: (252) 493-7320
Email: wewinborne696@my.pittcc.edu