Human Resources Department

Mission Statement

The people who work at Pitt Community College are our most valuable assets. The Pitt Community College Human Resources Department offers high quality responsiveness to all prospective, current and past employees, from inquiries about position vacancies to programs and services for all personnel. We provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation and equitable administration of policies and procedures. We do this while supporting individuals and the collective needs of faculty and staff with care and confidentiality. Overall, we strive to foster a healthy, safe and positive work environment for everyone at PCC to pursue and realize the College’s mission and goals.

Job Openings

Pitt Community College has partnered with NeoGov, an online application system.  Interested candidates must apply for current vacancies electronically. Please click on the button below to see current openings and instructions on how to apply.

Employee Resources

Employee resources are now located on the Pitt Community College Portal.

Contact Human Resources

Campus Location:
Vernon White Room 129
Phone Number: (252) 493-7289
Fax Number: (252) 321-4392


Ina Rawlinson, VP, Human Resources/IT/Security
Office: Vernon White Building, Room 133
Phone: (252) 493-7288
Email: irrawlinson657@my.pittcc.edu

Kerry Bruner, Director of Human Resources Operations
Office: Vernon White Building, Room 129
Phone: (252) 493-7810
Email: kmbruner524@my.pittcc.edu

Stephanie Robertson, Coordinator of Recruiting and Employment
Office: Vernon White Building, Room 129
Phone: (252) 493-7753
Email: scrobertson926@my.pittcc.edu

Edward Tatum, Human Resources Specialist
Phone: (252) 493-7682
Email: ebtatum327@my.pittcc.edu

Sharda Persaud, Human Resources Recruiting and Employment Specialist
Phone: (252) 493-7752
Email: srpersaud842@my.pittcc.edu

Laurel Little, Administrative Assistant III to the VP of Human Resources/IT/Security
Email: lalittle754@my.pittcc.edu