12-Week, Late-Start Classes Begin Feb. 6

Brick PCC sign on Highway 11.

WINTERVILLE—A new round of late-start classes at Pitt Community College gets underway Feb. 6, giving prospective students another opportunity to enroll in curriculum courses this spring.

Lori Preast, PCC Assistant Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction, says the 12-week classes will run until May 8. Because they are four weeks shorter than classes that began at the start of the semester, she says they “require an extra measure of self-motivation and diligence in order to succeed in them.”

Course selection varies from public speaking and medical terminology to keyboarding and “Introduction to the New Testament.” Some are specific to associate degree curricula, while others can be transferred to many of North Carolina’s public and private four-year institutions.

New students must complete a PCC admissions application and submit copies of their official high school transcripts to the Registrar’s Office to enroll in late-start classes. Current students may register from an approved Student Education Plan or by contacting their academic advisors.

More details and a list of late-start classes being offered this spring are available on the PCC website.