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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Career and Academic Planning Initiative

It is the goal of the CAP Initiative to increase student engagement with career and academic planning early in their stay at Pitt Community College.

Student career planning and academic advising play a critical role in student persistence and completion. Studies show that students who declare a degree intention have higher success rates for degree achievement. By enhancing advising and career counseling services, PCC can increase student success by helping students understand their educational options and form a clear path from education to a career. In addition, it is important that the faculty provide consistent and caring advising not only for the full-time day students, but also for the part-time student.

Current Activities

Elements of the CAP
A brief description of all Quality Enhancement Plan Initiatives

CAP Newsletters
Updated posting describing the initiative, and progress made.

CAP Team Leaders
Leaders who are developing, and implementing the initiatives.

Description of results, and outcomes as a result of the QEP.

See the Career and Academic Planning Initiative document (PDF)

"I fully support the expansion of Career Planning and Academic Advising. In my personal experience, the most important factor that encouraged my success as a student was having a clear goal to achieve. I took it upon myself to take a career aptitude and career personality test and then to research various career options based on those results. Now that I have a concrete objective to reach I am able to examine all of my choices and make an informed decision on which choice will get me closer to my desired result. Earlier in my academic career I took a haphazard course, and I failed. I was able to realize where my deficiencies lie and turn things around on my own (after several years away from academia). I feel strongly that other students would benefit from this sort of guidance so that they can enjoy their successes earlier in life that I have."  -PCC Student