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GED Change Makes It Imperative for Current Testers to Complete Process by Nov. 29

GED Frequently Asked Questions

WINTERVILLE—A new version of high school equivalency testing will go into effect at the start of next year, making it imperative for students who have begun the testing process since 2002 to complete it prior to December.

According to Laurie Weston, Pitt Community College Transitional Studies Department Chair, a new, computer-only version of GED testing will begin Jan. 1, 2014. She said the new test voids the current paper exam and will have different standards, meaning anyone who hasn’t completed the current version of GED testing by Nov. 29 will have to start over from scratch.

"Spaces for GED testing are limited, available on a first-come, first-served basis, and filling up fast,” Weston said. “Potential test-takers waiting until the last minute to sign up to test may find that there are no more spaces available.

“No one should assume that he or she has until the end of December to test,” she continued. “Testing does not take place when the campus is closed, and November is the deadline.”

To set up an appointment with PCC Transitional Studies staff, contact Mary Hopkins at (252) 493-7628.