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'PCC in the Community Day' Set for Sept. 24

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College employees and students will team up this fall to raise awareness of the college’s programs and services and to gather feedback on how well those offerings are meeting the community’s educational needs.

The event, called “PCC in the Community Day,” will take place Sept. 24 and involve approximately 100 representatives from the college, including employees, students and trustees, making personal visits to local businesses, industries, organizations, and individuals. The teams will take notes on what they learn from the places they visit and bring the information back to campus for assessment and action.

“We need to share news of what we are doing, the college’s mission and its future plans, as well as what our needs are,” said Susan Nobles, PCC Vice President of Institutional Advancement. “We’d also like to know how the college is serving the community and what local employers would like to request from the college to better serve them in the future.”

Nobles said PCC served more than 23,000 students in credit and non-credit programs in 2012, adding that surveys show one in approximately every six Pitt County adults enrolls in a PCC course or service each year. Nevertheless, she said, many of the college’s efforts to produce a skilled local workforce still manage to go unnoticed.

“We are often told that PCC is the best-kept secret in Pitt County, and we’re hoping ‘PCC in the Community Day’ will go a long way toward changing that,” Nobles said. “Each of our two-person teams will schedule at least four visits on ‘PCC in the Community Day,’ so we hope to make about 200 visits in our community.”

Making personal visits in the community has already paid dividends for PCC in previous years. Nobles said information gleaned from prior visits has led to the creation of numerous training opportunities and fostered new partnerships with several local businesses, industries, agencies and individuals.

Nobles says a planning committee will determine the locations for this year’s visits, select materials to be distributed, and develop surveys for “PCC in The Community Day.”

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