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College Piloting Reverse Transfer Program

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College has been selected as one of 12 North Carolina community colleges to pilot a reverse transfer program that awards credit toward an associate degree to students who have transferred to universities.

According to Pat Baldwin, PCC University Transfer and Foreign Language Department Chair, the college began piloting the “Credit Where Credit Is Due” program this summer. She explained that the program gives students who have left PCC for four-year institutions before completing associate degrees an opportunity to earn their two-year degrees by transferring as many as 16 credits from their new schools back to Pitt.

“The reverse transfer program is essentially a partnership between North Carolina’s universities and community colleges,” Baldwin said. “The universities will send data on eligible students to the community college system headquarters in Raleigh, which will, in turn, send data to colleges like PCC to award degrees.”

Baldwin said the reverse transfer initiative was developed through a $600,000-grant the State of North Carolina received from the Lumina Foundation. PCC, she said, was part of the team that sought the grant to create the program and implement it at all 58 community colleges and 16 University of North Carolina institutions by 2015.

Initial piloting of the reverse transfer program is underway, Baldwin said, adding that PCC and other pilot schools will receive data on eligible students for the first time in June 2014.