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Photographer Gives Students Inside Look

Photographer Jerome De Perlinghi speaks with students from PCC's Fine Art & Graphic Design departments during a presentation on campus earlier this month. 

WINTERVILLE—Photographer Jerome De Perlinghi discussed the highs and lows of his line of work with students from Pitt Community College's Fine Art and Graphic Design departments this month.

De Perlinghi, a Belgium native now living in Wilson, has worked as a freelance photographer for more than 30 years on an array of projects. And while it is clear he still loves his profession, his camera ventures have nevertheless landed him in both frozen water, when he accidently broke through a thin layer of ice, and hot water, when he was arrested for trespassing.

For De Perlinghi, photography is about being able to capture moments in time that happen very quickly. He has taken pictures of Hollywood celebrities and says, for the most part, they are just ordinary people who are easy to work with.

His portfolio also includes hundreds of shots that combine to tell a vivid story of the Rust Belt, an area of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States characterized by aging and abandoned factories and falling populations.

Though he has trouble identifying one of his photographs as a personal favorite, De Perlinghi says he would really like to have his photos of Chicago published one day. He said he fell in love with the city in 1996—15 years after he first came to America—and spent many a day walking the Windy City’s streets from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and taking pictures of buildings and the people he met along the way.

Many of the photos De Perlinghi featured during his presentation at PCC, including portraits of movie stars Johnny Depp, Halle Berry and Kirk Douglas, are available for viewing on his website, www.jeromedeperlinghi.com. His work will also go on exhibit in Rocky Mount this summer.