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New Road Signs Will Aid in Emergencies

The intersection of Bulldog Run and Eddie Smith Street is clearly marked with new road signs that will help make navigating the PCC campus easier for emergency personnel.

WINTERVILLE—During convocation this month, Susan Everett, Pitt Community College’s vice president of administrative services, provided employees with the details of a project this summer to name college-owned streets on campus.

According to Everett, Pitt County officials asked PCC administrators to name the roads in order to establish addresses for campus buildings in the county’s E-911 system.

She said the PCC Board of Trustees named three campus streets in May and noted that the county has already assigned address numbers to college buildings that will make it easier for emergency personnel to navigate campus.

Everett said the road between the Vernon E. White and Robert Lee Humber buildings has been named Spaulding Street in honor of the college’s first president, Lloyd Spaulding.

The road running between the G.H. Leslie and Raymond Reddrick buildings, Everett said, has been named Eddie Smith Street in recognition of an ardent PCC supporter. The street connects with Fulford Drive near Reddrick and ends at Reedy Branch Road, near the A.B. Whitley Building.

With the opening of a new campus police department in July, Everett said the college essentially created a new street by connecting the parking lot between the White and Clifton W. Everett buildings with the road running between the Craig F. Goess Student Center and the main student parking lot. That road, she said, is now called Bulldog Run.

Everett said speed bumps have been placed on Spaulding Street and Bulldog Run to slow the speed of traffic on campus. She also noted  that the speed limit on state-owned Reedy Branch Road had been lowered to 35 mph (from 45 mph) to make it safer for students and employees who cross it to get to and from new buildings on the west side of campus.