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PCC Purchases Pair of GEM Cars to Help Employees Get Around Growing Campus

WINTERVILLE—Campus expansion west of Reedy Branch Road has prompted Pitt Community College to purchase a pair of Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) to help employees continue providing campus services efficiently.

Within the past year, PCC has opened a new facilities services complex and Construction and Industrial Technology (CIT) Building on property formerly known as the Bowen Farm. As a result, employees working in those buildings on the west side of campus needed reliable and versatile transportation to carry out their daily tasks.

Wade Quinn, PCC Director of Purchasing, said the GEM Car has met Pitt’s transportation needs and has done so in an eco-friendly manner, since it has no tailpipe emissions. Quinn said the four-passenger cars are powered by an electric, 72-volt battery system that results in low cost of ownership and energy efficient power.

“A single, 110-volt charge provides us the range needed to provide service for the entire campus,” Quinn said.

All GEM vehicles are street legal for roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less, Quinn says, adding that they have a top speed of 25 mph and offer 80 options and accessories that allow for numerous configurations.

Quinn said one of the cars is kept in the CIT Building and is available to faculty and staff. The other, he says, is located in the facilities services complex and is also available to all employees.