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SACS-COC Vice President to Visit this Month

Dr. Barry Goldstein will Help College with Accreditation Preparations

Dr. Barry GoldsteinWINTERVILLE—Dr. Barry Goldstein, vice president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC), will be on the Pitt Community College campus this month to assist with the college’s re-accreditation bid.

Every 10 years, PCC must demonstrate that it continues to meet the Commission’s standards for higher education. Without accreditation, the college could no longer receive state funding (70 percent of its current budget revenue) and students could not apply for federal financial aid.

Accreditation also ensures that the courses PCC students complete and the degrees they attain are recognized by other educational institutions.

According to Dr. Larry Dendy, PCC’s Assistant Vice President of Planning and Research, Goldstein will be on campus Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 to provide employees with an opportunity to explore issues, questions, and topics of interest pertaining to the reaffirmation process and any other aspect of the Commission on Colleges.

Goldstein, Dendy said, will meet with specific groups on campus important to the re-accreditation process, including student leaders. He will also give a presentation to faculty and staff on the accreditation process and answer questions they may have, he said.

After submitting a comprehensive compliance certification report to SACS-COC in March, Pitt will continue preparations for an on-site visit from the organization that is scheduled to take place Sept. 18-20. A second document – called a Quality Enhancement Plan – is also under development and must be completed and submitted to SACS-COC by July 31.

At the conclusion of their visit to PCC, members of the SACS-COC visitation committee will provide written advice to Pitt administrators, develop a consensus of their findings, and complete a draft report. They will also present an oral summary during an exit report to PCC President G. Dennis Massey and invited college officials on the final day of their visit.

Following the visit, SACS-COC members will review all of the steps Pitt has taken toward re-accreditation and either affirm or deny accreditation status.