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PCC Adopts New Campus Smoking Policy

New smoking stations have been established on campus as part of PCC's new smoking policy.

WINTERVILLE--A new campus smoking policy recently approved by Pitt Community College administrators went into effect Aug. 15 and allows for smoking on campus in designated areas only.

While several North Carolina community colleges have gone tobacco-free, PCC administrators have created a policy that regulates where smoking can take place on campus. The policy states that smoking will only be permitted in gazebos and designated smoking benches throughout the PCC campus.

During Monday's convocation, PCC President G. Dennis Massey explained that the new policy was not created in an effort to ban smoking on campus entirely but rather to cut down on the negative affects of secondhand smoke.

PCC’s previous smoking policy permitted smoking outside of campus buildings as long as smokers were 25 feet or further from building entrances.

PCC administrators say the new smoking policy is a result of a student and employee survey concerning smoking on campus.