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PCC Wellness Program

The Mission of the Wellness Program is:

  1. To Provide Wellness opportunities for employees and
  2. To Promote a Worksite Culture that supports the employee's desire to develop healthier lifestyles.

This will be accomplished through encouraging & supporting the adoption of habits and attitudes that contribute to their positive well-being by incorporating the methods and concepts of the Eat Smart, Move More, Quit Now Method (State Employee Health Plan); And other great research-based entities.

Our mission is conducted on the premise that it is important that the worksite be a healthy place to work with readily available facilities that will enable a healthy lifestyle.

The Wellness Program Theme is:

"Stepping Out to Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle." The background understanding for our current theme stems from the fact that current research-based County, State and National trends suggest that a large percentage of our population are not as physically active on average as compared to the current recommendations for health benefits. Nor, are we, as a County, State and Nation, on average consuming healthful amounts of fruit and vegetable servings based on current data.

Hence, comes the thematic statement: "Stepping Out" (from the norm) to intentionally Pursue, a Healthier Lifestyle.

It is our mission and our hope that we, together, as a Campus Community, can provide Wellness opportunities for our Faculty/Staff and promote a worksite culture that encourages and supports our employee's desire to pursue and develop healthier lifestyles. 

Levels of Wellness Program Offerings and Amenities:

The Wellness Program offers the opportunity for the Faculty/Staff to connect and participate in a wide variety of Wellness Offerings, year-round. 

Level I: Are more independent offerings in which the participant interacts primarily independent of any formal or guided programming and can participate freely as available and offered. Opportunities include: Open-Gym Freeplay, where the participant can enjoy the amenities of the Charles Coburn Center for exercise and recreational purposes. The scheduled hours of Open-Gym Freeplay and the respective availability of the Center's amenities and Fitness opportunities is located on the Campus Cruiser Calendar via the world wide web, as well as posted outside the physical entrance of the Center.

Level II: Are facilitated/assisted-type individual and/or small-group offerings where the participants can enjoy a variety of guided/facilitated opportunities to either assess their current fitness level, learn more about specific wellness topics and/or to learn how to apply healthy lifestyle steps (such as exercise indoctrination, nutritional education, etc.).

Level III: Are Campus-Wide, Individual and Group Challenge opportunities that are facilitated to encourage and incorporate the entire Campus collectively to pursue a Healthier Lifestyle. Opportunities include the "Challenge" type offerings that are scheduled to be offered and held each respective semester/term to provide a year-round "Challenge" for each and every Faculty/Staff to connect with and help them pursue a Healthy Lifestyle.

For more information on the variety of Wellness Offerings please click on the "Current Offerings" link.