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Frequently Asked Questions
about Way to Success

What is "Way to Success"?

"Way to Success" is a campus-wide initiative that will help students be successful by building mentoring relationships and making access to College resources more readily available. Retention Alert is an online tracking tool used by "Way to Success" to manage contacts between students and Success Coaches, and allow for better sharing of information that can benefit a student and increase retention.

What is a Success Coach?

Success coaches engage with students face-to-face and/or by email or other methods of correspondence to help them identify obstacles they might be having that affect their success in school. Success coaches are there to be a support system for students and to help direct them to appropriate college resources.

How is a student assigned to a Success Coach?

The Retention Alert system is designed to automatically assign students to Success Coaches based on a set of criteria. The Way to Success initiative takes a proactive approach in offering intervention for students who may be at risk. In most cases, Success Coaches are paired with students who are in their division or area.

How many students will a success coach be assigned?

Success Coaches will be assigned 4-6 students each semester.

How do I know which students have been assigned to me and the reason for their assignment?

Success Coaches will be able to see the students assigned to them, along with the reason for the assignment, through the Retention Alert software, available via myPittCC.

What if the student needs to be seen by another office on campus?

Success Coaches have the ability to refer students through Retention Alert to other offices or individuals on campus who may be able to offer additional assistance. Once a student has been referred, the Success Coach no longer "owns" that case.