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"Way to Success" is a campus-wide initiative that will help students be successful by building mentoring relationships and making access to College resources more readily available. This initiative engages faculty & staff at all levels to provide support and assistance to students to help them achieve their educational goals. One component of this system is designed to identify students who can benefit from proactive strategies that can help students be successful.  Once identified, these students will be linked with a Success Coach who can provide timely feedback and initiate measures to increase the likelihood of the student's success.

You can make a difference in a student's life!

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Volunteer to become a Success Coach! Success coaches engage with students face-to-face and/or by email or other methods of correspondence to help them identify obstacles they might be having that affect their success in school. Success coaches are there to be a support system for students and to help them make plans for their future.

What's it like to be a Success Coach?

Our Success Coaches are really impacting PCC students! Here are some real-life interactions between Success Coaches and PCC students:


In response to a student who missed the DMA re-enroll day:

"Hello Caitlin,

The re-enrollment was yesterday, so it is too late to get into any day classes. But you may still be able to get into a night class that meets 3 times a week. I encourage you to go for it, since you were so close. It would only be 19 days, and then you could change back to a day schedule. But you have to get here to Hilda Barrow's office by 5 today, Leslie 104. And you will probably need to go to a class tonight. Thank you for contacting me. I hope you can proceed with this. Let me know how it turns out.

Amy Stephenson, 252-493-7511"

Student's response:

"Mrs. Stephenson,

THANK YOU sooo much! Thank you for replying back also I really appreciate it! Her secretary helped me with my schedule and got me into the 6:30 night class on Mondays and Wednesdays, and she also got my 050 and 060 DMA's in the daytime at 10:00 a.m. I was so shaky from happiness!! Haha...Thanks so much again! 

"Working directly with students gives me a great deal of satisfaction in my role within the learning community at Pitt Community College, because I know I can positively impact a student's life. Many of the students I've worked with are truly appreciative to receive additional direction and support through the Way to Success program. Our students knowing we are here to help them progress on their educational journey is key to overall student success across campus."

~John Carrere - Counselor/New Student Orientation Coordinator~

In response to a referral made to a Financial Aid counselor:

"I truly thank you for the information. Have a nice day. May God Bless you and your family."

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