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Leadership Institute Reflections

“I was very reluctant to participate in the Leadership Institute Summer 2008. I actually attended because my boss, John Daugherty, strongly encouraged our participation. I will have to say that I really enjoyed the interaction with other PCC employees. I was able to network and get to know other PCC employees that I had never met. I especially enjoyed Dr. Richard Eakin’s presentation. I enjoyed the small group project we were given. This forced us to interact with each other (get out of our comfort zone). I would strongly encourage all PCC employees to participate in this Institute if chosen. “
Wanda Tenpenny 2008

“I had the very pleasant experience of attending the Leadership Institute II session in June 2006. The session was held in Raleigh, North Carolina. I realized numerous benefits from attending the session. Thought-evoking exercises allowed me to appreciate the contributions of the various leadership styles that all participating members bring to his or her organization or institution. The session afforded me the opportunity to work in teams and interact with faculty and other staff members from across the college. The team building exercises were great! The sessions identified that member contribution to team success is due in large part to the great pool of knowledge and experience that a diverse group lends to the team. As a result of the experience at the Leadership Institute, I have grown professionally and forged a closer working relationship with faculty and other staff members. I would strong recommend the Leadership Institute to any faculty or staff member who has not attended yet. It is a great vehicle for professional development.”
Ella Atkinson 2006

“The leadership institute has helped me to meet other PCC employees that I may not have normally had the chance to meet. This networking opportunity has allowed me to gain an insight to make other areas on campus and to make a lot of new friends. The Leadership Institute is making the campus smaller one year at a time.”
Happy Gingras 2007

“I attended the 2008 Leadership Institute here in Greenville. This event obviously took many hours of work and preparation on the part of the planning committee. It was a great success. I particularly enjoyed being able to meet new people on campus and see others that I don’t get to see very often. I now have a better understanding not only of the roles of other faculty, but of staff as well. The interactive activities were not only very helpful, they were fun. I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Eakin. He has such great knowledge and expertise as a teacher and leader. The Leadership Institute was a great experience. The food, accommodations, and fellowship were very enjoyable and will not be forgotten.”
Lynn Lee 2008