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College Update

March 2018

In the past month, an Economic Impact Study done by EMSI (Economic Modeling Specialists) was released to the public announcing that $277.2 million in total income benefit has been contributed by Pitt Community College programs, students, alumni, and related services to Pitt County in 2017.  This overall impact of PCC has increased $47 million in just the past four years, largely because of expanding numbers of degrees and certifications earned which have made our graduates very valuable in the regional workforce.  The Return on Investment (ROI) for current students is 20.1% over the course of their careers, no surprise when a 34% earnings gain for Associate of Applied Sciences graduates was reported in the past year.

The EMSI study confirms the value of PCC credentials in a financial sense.  We have witnessed firsthand the benefits in terms of fulfillment to families and, most importantly, to individual students themselves in learning and proving that they are progressing in their lives.

Statistics were released by the Planning and Research Office that illustrate the great work students are doing thanks to strong support of faculty and staff.  The retention rates for Associate, Diploma, and Certificate Majors from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 are almost 77%, with first-time freshmen almost 80%, some of the highest figures ever.  By working together, our employees have improved services and enacted changes contributing to the success of PCC students. We see even greater gains as well as enhanced access in the future.

In February, the Board of Trustees welcomed Pitt County Commissioners and staff for a brief tour of the campus and meaningful dialogue on several topics, including maintenance projects needed for upkeep of our older buildings and overall campus security.  The Design Workforce Technology Building, which has been in our Master Facility Plan since 2009, was described and discussed.  Commissioners attending included Chair Mark Owens, Beth Ward, Melvin McLawhorn, Mary Perkins Williams, Glen Webb, and Ann Huggins as well as most of our Trustees, led by Chair Peter Kragel.  Many thanks to Tony Gallardo for describing student experiences and job prospects in Industrial Systems Technology our guests during the tour.

Other important groups we have addressed in February included the Pitt Greenville Chamber of Commerce at the Greenville Center (thanks to Dean Kristin Braswell, Jerry Jones, and other members of the Continuing Education team) and the Pitt County Mayors Association.  It is vital to keep key stakeholders aware regularly of our accomplishments as well as challenges we are facing.

 Recognitions and Accomplishments

 Finally, I ask that all employees consider donating to the PCC United Way campaign currently underway.  The United Way benefits many groups and people, especially youth, in our community.  I appreciate the leadership Dustin Sharp and other volunteers have provided to this important service initiative.

                                                             G. Dennis Massey, President