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The Minority Male Mentoring Program is broken up into two distinct components:

1 - The Minority Male Mentoring Center

2 - The NEXT LEVEL program

1 - Minority Male Mentoring Center:

The 3M Center is designed to be a place where any Minority Male student can come to discuss problems he may be having, get help with his course load, learn about the established programs on campus, or just relax in between classes. 

Any student, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs is welcome to utilize the center as a forum for discussing issues pertaining to minority groups and learn more about diverse populations.

2 - Next Level Program:

Mission Statement:
To equip young men with the skills necessary to reach the highest echelons of academic, professional, and personal development.

Program Description:
The NEXT LEVEL Minority Male Mentoring program is designed to provide participants with the tangible and intangible skills necessary to obtain success regardless of where life leads them; as well as instill in its participants the importance of civic and community involvement.  Through the use of weekly meetings, hands on activities, mentor relationships, peer tutoring, and self evaluation the program guides its participants toward achieving the highest levels of academic, professional, and personal development.   

Program Requirements:
In order to be eligible for the NEXT LEVEL program you must be a full time degree seeking student.  Come by the Minority Male Mentoring Center for more information.


Spring 2016 Events

Meet & Greet
Staff & Faculty Dinning RM : Goess Student Center: 12- 2 p.m.: January 21st

Expressions (Open Mic)
Staff & Faculty Dinning RM : Goess Student Cetner: 12-2 p.m.: February 4th

Valentine's Day Open Mic 
Goess Multipurpose RM: 6 p.m. : February 8th

Relationships- Health Awareness Pt. 1
Staff & Faculty Dinning RM : 12 p.m. : March 15th
*STD/HIV Testing will follow at 1 p.m. in the SGA Center/ Conference Room

My Masculinity Matters
Goess Multipurpose Room : 12 p.m. : March 17th

Relationships- Health Awareness Pt. 2
Staff & Faculty Dinning RM : Goess Student Center : 12 p.m. : March 29th 

Expressions (Open Mic)
Staff & Faculty Dinning RM : Goess Student Center : 12- 2 p.m. : April 7