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Frequently Asked Questions for Counseling

Are Counselors available in the Evening?

Yes. Counselors are available Monday evenings from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Does PCC offer housing options on campus?

PCC does not offer campus housing; although there are two apartment complexes with shuttle service to PCC: The Bellamy and North Campus Crossing. You can also click here for PCC's off-campus housing service.

If a student misses one or more semesters, will he/she be required to reapply for admissions?

If six (6) semesters have passed since the last date of enrollment, a student will need to submit a new admissions application.

What is the difference between a Counselor and an Advisor?

A Counselor offers support services to student interested in attending our college. They walk students through the admissions steps and help students plan for the work force by helping them select their course of study or major. Counselors are also available to enrolled students who need assistance with academic and personal issues that are affecting their work performance. An Advisor is also available for support. Students are assigned to an advisor who will help them select and register for courses, and provide guidance as it relates to their plan of study and academic goals.

Does PCC offer extracurricular activities on campus?

Yes. PCC hosts a wide variety of activities to students interested in becoming involved outside the classroom. We offer Clubs and Student Organizations, Intermural sports, and Collegiate Athletics. Counselors can assess interests and provide additional information to students regarding ways to connect.