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Frequently Asked Questions for Counseling

Does PCC provide housing facilities for prospective students?

The college does not provide housing facilities for students either on or off campus, but does offer an Off-Campus Housing website to assist students in finding their own housing.

Does PCC provide day care facilities for children ages 3-5 years?

No.  Child care assistance may be provided to all qualified applicants. Please contact Sonji Rowsom for more information and an application, (252) 493-7326.

Are ASSET, ACCUPLACER, and COMPASS placement test scores from other colleges accepted by PCC?

Yes. Please ask the college where the test was taken to send a copy of the scores to the coordinator of testing at PCC. Scores may be faxed to PCC at (252) 321-4592.

If a student misses one or more semesters, will he/she be required to reapply for admissions?

If six (6) semesters have passed since the last date of enrollment, a student will need to submit a new admissions application.

Should I buy my books from the bookstore prior to enrollment?

No. We encourage students to go to their first class and obtain the correct name of books that should be purchased for classes. This eliminates the student from buying books that will not be needed.

When should I contact my advisor?

As soon as the student receives the contact information for their assigned advisor, they are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with the academic advisor.

Will PCC provide counseling services for students desiring to attend evening classes?

Yes. An evening counselor is available Mondays from 5-7 p.m. and Tuesday-Thursday from 5-6 pm, to assist students with admissions.

Does PCC offer athletic activities?

Yes. PCC offers Intramural activities and Intercollegiate Athletics.

For more information on Intercollegiate Athletics, please contact:

Pitt Community College Athletics
(252) 493-7434
E-mail: athletic@email.pittcc.edu

For more information on Intramural Activities, please contact:

Nikki Coutouzis
(252) 493-7399
E-mail: ncoutouzis@email.pittcc.edu