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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do first year students need Bruiser's Crew Peer Mentoring?

The start of college can be very overwhelming and a major adjustment process. From time management to trying to find where the Bookstore is located, first year students will need the necessary assistance in order to gain a sense of belonging, a sense of competence and a sense of acceptance. The Bruiser's Crew Peer Mentoring program will aid students in their holistic development that will stem beyond the classroom, emphasizing components of student engagement and leadership, academic discipline and how to balance them both with life.

First year students (mentees) will be are matched with a compatible mentor based upon the information submitted in the student's application or a brief questionnaire. Mentees and mentors are matched with one another for an entire academic year. Peer mentors will be required to attend and help facilitate events sponsored by numerous departments on campus to strengthen community building & academic success. Bruiser's Crew will also help new students adjust to college life in a variety of ways, addressing topics such as:

What Benefits Are Associated with being a member of Bruiser's Crew?

Throughout a student's first year in college, the image of success is vital. The Bruiser's Crew lifestyle is to make sure that every first year student's transition to PCC is complete and there's no one better to be that image of success than Bruiser's Crew staff! All of the challenges that you or others close to you encountered could be the saving grace for a student who is scared or has no knowledge at all of what College is about. Consistent checks about your progress in class, reminders to participate in events sponsored by the Center for Student Activities and free lunch sessions with their mentees are just a few of the things that Bruiser's Crew mentors will get engaged in with their mentees.

Hopefully you noticed that Bruiser's Crew is a lifestyle; not a job! These mentors embark on a journey with their mentees on the Way to Success! By helping others, mentors help themselves in the process. Bruiser's Crew Peer Mentors come with many benefits, including: