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As a partner of The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina (TBB™-NC), Pitt Community College is committed to helping enrolled students, workers, and families get access to educational and federal work support resources.

Through this online service, individuals can complete forms or applications for the following services:

The Benefit Bank Self-Serve

Through the Self–Serve portal, you can apply for a single service or as many as you would like on your own. Get started by clicking on the image below.

Self-Serve at Benefit Bank - click here

You can use the QuickCheck using Pitt CC's Self-Serve Portal using the link in the image above! QuickCheck does not ask enough questions to fully assess your eligibility; however, in 2-3 minutes QuickCheck provides a rough estimate of your eligibility for various benefits and advises you on which applications to complete to apply for assistance.

Note: Regardless of your QuickCheck result, we encourage you to use the Benefit Bank's full eligibility screening process to find out if you may be eligible for public benefits.

Need Personal Attention?...Contact a TBB Success Coach Counselor!

If you prefer a personal "one-on-one" experience, contact one of our trained counselors to help you assess your potential eligibility for services. The process begins with a 2-3 minute QuickCheck eligibility estimator followed by the completion of applications online.

TBB Success Coach Counselors:

Ernis Lee
(252) 321-4583

Glenda Joyner
(252) 493-7255