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Institutional Advancement Division

Who We Are

The Institutional Advancement Division coordinates the college’s efforts to enhance its relationships with the community and the customers it serves. The division seeks to build partnerships with educational institutions and businesses. It supports the college’s mission by developing and implementing a resource development plan to assist in funding the college’s strategic plan.

The Institutional Advancement Division includes the following: Alumni Relations, Community Relations, Marketing, PCC Foundation, Public Relations, Resource Development and Tech Prep.

Mission Statement

Building and nurturing external relationships to achieve the following outcomes: friend-raising, fundraising, creating partnerships, create/expand awareness, enhance college image, expand citizen/business involvement, increase faculty/staff/students/alumni/trustees/foundation involvement for the purpose of expanding educational opportunities, providing quality instruction, ensuring staff and faculty competence, provide funding/resources, supporting the attainment of the college’s mission.

Institutional Advancement Staff

Susan Q. Nobles
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Executive Director, PCC Foundation
Telephone: (252) 493-7287
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Jane M. Power
Marketing Director
Telephone: (252) 493-7630
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Gretchen Baugh
Marketing Specialist
Telephone: (252) 493-7513
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Amanda Schutt
HORIZONS Program Coordinator
Telephone: (252) 493-7638
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Lisa B. Elmore
Assistant to the VP of
Institutional Advancement
Telephone: (252) 493-7287
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Ashley D. Smith
Alumni Relations Director
Telephone: (252) 493-7229
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Rob Goldberg Jr.
Media Relations Director
Telephone: (252) 493-7732
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Lynn Smith
Administrative Secretary
Telephone: (252) 493-7287
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Marianne Cox
Telephone: (252) 493-7719
Fax: (252) 321-4218
Lynne James
Development Director
Telephone: (252) 493-7773
Fax: (252) 321-4218