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Code of Ethics

Members of The Gamma Beta Phi Society subscribe to, and seek to live by, the principles of:

I. HONESTY: knowing that honesty is a necessary attribute of good character and effective leadership;

II. SERVICE: being aware of the fact that true happiness comes only through helpful service to others;

III. INDUSTRIOUSNESS: knowing that real progress can be achieved only if the mind is alert to comprehend and the hands ready to perform individual and community tasks;

IV. HUMILITY: being convinced that true humbleness of spirit is the only proper attitude to maintain in their relations with their associates;

V. JUSTICE: believing that it is only right and proper to be just and fair in their dealings with other individuals; to condemn no one without giving him or her a chance to defend himself or herself; to consider all factors before forming an opinion of another's motives, or before passing judgment on his or her actions;

VI. COOPERATION: realizing that they must work closely and harmoniously with others in this day of highly organized social and economic endeavor;

VII. RESPONSIBILITY: assuming always full responsibility for their actions, and accepting opportunities to fulfill their social, economic, and moral obligations;

VIII. CHARITABLENESS: being over tolerant, generous and considerate in their relationships with others; and courteous, gentle, and kind in their attitudes and actions toward their fellowmen.