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Founded on the campus of Pitt Community College in September 2010 by students Brittany Harris and Alece Brown, Circle of Sisters is an organization for women committed to personal and professional success by sharing experiences and resources, nurturing hopes, improving futures, and providing opportunities for women to learn and grow.

The Club purpose is to assist women in:

  1. Taking care of themselves (socially, personally, and academically)
  2. Supporting each other
  3. Educating one another
  4. Empowering each other, and
  5. Becoming professionals



Membership is open to all female members of Pitt Community College student body. There will be no discrimination of race, creed, color, age, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability with regards to the purpose and membership of the Club. Students must have a PCC Program GPA of 2.3 or higher to be considered for membership. The intake process for membership begins with a nomination from a PCC faculty or staff member.


2017-2018 LEADERSHIP

Caroline Slade, Club Leader

Millie Sparks, Advisor

Amy Staton, Advisor


ACCEPTING OPEN MEMBERSHIP NOMINATIONS : New members of Circle of Sisters must be nominated for membership consideration by a PCC faculty or staff member. If you have a true interest in membership, please contact a staff/faculty member request a nomination as soon as possible.



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