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Chartering Guidelines
for Clubs and Organizations

Campus organizations shall be open to all students meeting membership criteria without respect to race, creed, national origin, sex, or disability.  All clubs and organizations must conform to local, state and federal laws.  No club or organization shall interfere or support interference with the regular academic pursuit of any student.  No club or organization shall cause or encourage non-attendance of classes or campus activities without prior consent of proper college officials.  Clubs or organizations shall not encourage any action that might cause disrepute to a student, staff, instructor, or college activity.

Student are encouraged to take an active role in clubs on campus and to establish other clubs and organizations that fulfill the objectives of Pitt Community College. To charter a club or organization, the following must be filed with the Coordinator of Student Activities and a meeting scheduled to review materials:

A Constitution Construction Guide and Sample Bylaws are available for guidance during this process.

A charter will be issued to the organization upon approval of the Vice President for Student Development Services.  Any student organization found guilty of violating State or Federal law or the policies of Pitt Community College shall be disbanded by the College.

Chartered organizations must submit the following information to the Student Activities Coordinator:

If there are any questions, please contact Katelynn James via e-mail at pccstudentactivities@my.pittcc.edu or by phone at 252-493-7440.