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Station Activity and Log Book

Here's a peek into our current logbook.  The window below shows the last 25 stations that we have made contact with, followed by a world map showing the station's approximate locations.  Click here for explanations of the data shown below.

Other Bands

In the above table, the second column indicates the callsign of the other station.  The third column is the date and time of the contact.  The fourth column indicates the frequency band.  Usually, this will be 20m (14 MHz), 15m (21 MHz), 10m (28 MHz), or 2m (144 MHz).  The fifth column indicates the mode, or modulation type.  Options here are usually USB, LSB, CW, PSK31, or FM.  The last two columns contain the signal reports sent and received.  For most contacts, this will be a two-digit number where the first number is the readability (1-5) and the second number is signal strength (1-9).  A great signal is, therefore, 59.