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Purchasing Card Transaction Log

Instructions for completion:

Download the P-Card Transaction Log (Excel®) for reconciliation.  Please complete it according to the instructions below: 

  1. This form should be filled out during the month as purchases are made. At the end of the cycle, transactions may need to be copied and pasted to be in the correct order as shown on the statement.
  2. Enter the Cardholder Name, Log Completed By, Statement Date and Department Name.
  3. A separate log must be filled out for State, Special, and/or County funds. (State begins with 1, Special begins with 0, County begins with 2).
  4. Enter the account number. If there is a new account number entered that is not in cardholder's Chart of Accounts, please notify Tia Holloman at tholloman@email.pittcc.edu to set up the account. This should be done prior to submission of P-Card Log.
  5. Enter the transaction date.
  6. Enter the vendor name.
  7. Enter a brief description of items purchased (Do not enter "Office Supplies"). If cardholder has purchased food, please state what department or organization, the reason (ex: SACS committee meeting) and the date of the event.
  8. Enter the amount of the purchase.
  9. The form should be totaled at the bottom.
  10. Purchasing will publish a listing of statement download dates and Transaction Log due dates. Each cardholder is responsible for downloading their monthly statement as well as reconciling it with the Transaction Log and corresponding receipts.
  11. The cardholder must sign and date the log.
  12. The supervisor must sign and date the log. If there are other approvals required, such as another department's budget code, the log should be forwarded to that department for the appropriate signature. Allow extra time if other signatures are needed.
  13. All signed logs, with itemized receipts attached, are due to Purchasing as soon as possible, but no later than 5:00 P.M. of the published due date. Cardholder should refer to the calendar for dates, which may vary from month to month. If an approver is unavailable to sign, and email should be sent to Purchasing naming the designated person to approve in their stead.

Receipts/invoices must be itemized and must provide the following:

    1. Vendor name
    2. Description and quantity
    3. Unit price
    4. Extended price
    5. Tax, shipping/freight
    6. Total transaction amount
    7. Packing slips may be used with itemized information as listed above.

Cardholder is responsible for:

    1. Reviewing charges for accuracy
    2. Reconciling the statement with itemized receipts, and the receipts have to match the charge on the statement exactly
    3. Putting the receipts in the same order as on the statement
    4. Tape small receipts on letter size paper
    5. Do not cover detailed information with tape
    6. Staple receipts to upper left hand corner behind Transaction Log
    8. Acquire appropriate signatures and have in Purchasing by due date

Instructions for creating the Monthly Statement Report are in the P-Card Policies and Procedures Manual, page 22.