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Purchasing Card Transaction Log

Instructions for completion:

Download the worksheet (Excel®) for reconciliation.

The downloaded worksheet is the "Purchasing Card Transaction Log" . . .
please complete it according to the instructions below: 

  1. This form should be filled out during the month purchases are made.
  2. If there are charges to State, Special, and/or County funds, cardholder should fill out a separate log for each fund.
  3. Enter the cardholder name.
  4. Enter the statement closing date.
  5. Enter the account number. If there is a new account number entered that is not in cardholder’s chart of accounts, please notify Cindi Jernigan, cjernigan@email.pittcc.edu to set up the account.
  6. Enter the transaction date.
  7. Enter the vendor name.
  8. Enter a brief description of items purchased. If cardholder has purchased food, please state the reason (ex: advisory committee meeting) and the date of the event.
  9. Enter the total amount of the purchase, including tax.
  10. The form should automatically calculate the total at the bottom.
  11. The Purchasing office will publish a listing of statement closing dates and transaction log due dates. Each cardholder is responsible for downloading their monthly statement as well as reconciling it with the transaction log and corresponding receipts.
  12. The cardholder should sign and date the log.
  13. The supervisor should sign and date the log. If there are other approvals required in the cardholder’s area, the log should be initialed by the appropriate personnel. 

The log should be forwarded to the Purchasing Office as soon as possible, but no later than the published due date. Cardholders should refer to the calendar for dates, which may vary from month to month.