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E-Procurement Tips

E-Procurement Account Tips

Understanding E-Procurement Purchase Orders

The points below describe some of the frequently overlooked features on an NC E-Procurement PO. It is important that you read POs carefully to ensure order accuracy.

  1. Purchase Orders - When reviewing an NC E-Procurement PO, be sure to note buyer comments and look for additional attachments. When buyers need to communicate additional information with you, they will include comments in the "Comments" section of purchase orders. The Comments section is located under the order line items. Please note that buyers may also add additional information, including item descriptions, in an attachment.
  2. Change Orders - When a buyer creates a change to an existing purchase order, you may receive another copy of the order. You will know that you have received a change order when the word CHANGED is present and the PO number is followed by a -V2, -V3, or -V# at the top. This information will be displayed following format: CHANGED: ########### -V2. The specific changes that were made to the order will be listed below the line items. It is important to read these changes, as change orders do not necessarily need to be filled. Paying close attention to these changes can help to prevent unnecessary duplications of orders.
  3. Canceled Orders - Buyers also have the ability to cancel POs after they have been transmitted to the supplier. In this case, the PO will say "CANCELED: Order No. #########" at the top. It is important to pay attention to the purchase order status at the top of the PO (e.g., CHANGED, CANCELED) to avoid duplicating the PO.

If you have questions about NC E-Procurement Purchase Orders or your NC E-Procurement registration, please contact the Help Desk, 888-211-7440, option 2.

What's in it for suppliers?

NC E-Procurement provides suppliers with increased access to markets without additional supplier marketing efforts, a single point of access for North Carolina government organizations, a faster and more efficient method for quoting (eQuote), and increased order accuracy through receipt of electronic orders with a consistent purchase order format. Overall, NC E-Procurement can help realize processing, marketing, and administrative cost savings.

Can suppliers sell to the State if they opt not to participate in NC E-Procurement?

Suppliers conducting business with the State must register with NC E-Procurement because State of NC purchase orders are generated and transmitted through NC E-Procurement Service.

Would I have contact with my buyers?

Yes, it is essential that there is a relationship between the suppliers and buyers. With the improved processes from NC E-Procurement, suppliers work directly with North Carolina buyers to review product information and demonstrate new services.

What technical infrastructure do suppliers need in order to participate in NC E-Procurement?

Suppliers need to have access to the Internet in order to complete the initial registration process. Suppliers can choose to receive purchase orders via fax, email, or ASN.

Suppliers who choose to participate in eQuote need to have Internet access to respond to quotes. eQuote notifications will be delivered via email. If you have any questions about registration, please contact the NC E-Procurement Help Desk at 888-211-7440, option 2.

What is the purpose of the 1.75% fee?

The transaction fee supports the development and ongoing operations of NC E-Procurement. These operations are comprised of development and execution of training required for both buyers and suppliers, and the ongoing maintenance and services needed to sustain NC E-Procurement.

Can suppliers transfer the fee onto buyers?

No. NC E-Procurement represents an opportunity for suppliers to competitively set their pricing based on two factors: the value they receive due to streamlined processes, and the ability to efficiently expand their scope into new markets. Buyers are required to contact the NC E-Procurement Helpdesk at 888-211-7440 if a supplier transfers his/her transaction fee onto the buyer.