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Email Retention Policy

Download the Email Retention Policy (PDF)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the policy affect me as an employee?
All employees of Pitt Community College are required to adhere to the e-mail retention policy. Failure to follow the guidelines could result in disciplinary actions.

When does it start?
Now. However, we have always fallen under the statues in North Carolina; this policy is in place to help clarify these statues in regards to Pitt Community College employees.

What happens if I don't keep my e-mails?
You could be subject to disciplinary actions, up to criminal proceedings depending upon the severity of the incident.

How long to I have to keep my e-mail?
There is no set time frame for e-mail retention. E-mail, like all other documents, must be retained "as long as it has value". For example: A message sent requesting a conference room may be deleted after the appointment has passed. A message setting policy must be retained as long as the policy is in place.

Does this include myPittCC e-mails and emails sent from Moodle?
Yes, all e-mail sent and received conducting the "business" of Pitt Community College is covered by this policy.

How should I keep them?

GroupWise: E-mail is retained on the server for thirty days. After that it is archived off to your local hard drive. You are responsible for backing up your GroupWise archive. There are several different methods for backing up GroupWise, the easiest of which is to copy your entire archive folder to a thumb/flash drive regularly.  You can determine your archive folder's location on your hard drive in GroupWise by looking under "Tools" > "Options" > "Environment" > "File Locations".  If you have any questions regarding this, consult the Help section of GroupWise.  If further assistance is needed, contact the Pitt Community College Technical Support HelpDesk.

myPittCC: You can keep on the server whatever emails meet the criteria of what must be kept (you have over seven gigabytes of storage in your myPittCC email account).  The "Archive" link makes this simple by getting them out of your way and then you can retrieve them via search, plus you can also use "Labels" to help organize.  Alternatively, you can print and keep items that fall under the email retention policy and then delete them from your myPittCC account.

Comprehensive Guidelines for Email Retention

E-mail as a Public Record in North Carolina: Guidelines for its Retention and Disposition: (PDF)

Managing Your Inbox: E-mail as a Public Record:
(Tutorial from the NC Department of Cultural Resources)

Pitt Community College Email Retention Policy: (PDF)